Woman Slams ‘Star Wars’ Fans As ‘Undateable’ On Twitter And Gets Instantly Shut Down

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The Last Jedi left the broken and fractured Resistance with its fate very uncertain.  The struggle between the First Order and the Republic for control of the galaxy rages on and the stories of our favorite characters will come to a close.  And there’s so much to tie up!

But not everybody feels this way, about the saga, or about us: its fans.

Ashley St. Clair, a self-proclaimed “freedom fighter” and “conservative” Trump supporter, decided she needed to tear down Star Wars fans, specifically men:
While we don’t disagree with her fully about the cargo shorts, this is clearly ridiculous.  And posting a video of someone is just… mean.

And of course, Twitter wasn’t having it.  For a Trump supporter to pass judgment on anybody is a bold move.


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