Lost Apollo tapes show astronauts encounter strange space music

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The mysteries of space may be more intriguing and hair-raising than any of the outrageous conspiracy theories about it, once one gets to know the reality of it all.

After decades of speculation regarding the strange experiences of astronauts who landed on the surface of the moon, giving birth to the timeless phrase ‘one step for man, a giant leap for mankind’, evidence has emerged suggesting that some of the conspiracy theories may be real after all.

A few months before the ground-breaking landing of Neil Armstrong in 1969 on the surface of the moon, Apollo astronauts were on a mission to orbit the moon and had apparently heard unexplainable and eerie ‘music’ on its far side. This leaves many questions, as there was no probability of any radio interference or transmission from earth, it was practically a silent zone.

The prime crew of the Apollo 10 lunar orbit mission at the Kennedy Space Center. They are from left to right: Lunar Module pilot, Eugene A. Cernan, Commander, Thomas P. Stafford, and Command Module pilot John W. Young.

Apollo 10 space-flown silver Robbins medallion

Crew boarding the Command Module before launch

Recently NASA has released recordings of the lesser-known Apollo 10 mission, wherein a capsule was sent to orbit around the far side of the moon, known in popular culture as the ‘dark side of the moon’. The recordings clearly show the astronauts responding in panic and surprise to a howling noise, a periodic howling of sorts, that resonated in their headsets.

The capsule was on an hour-long orbital trip around the far side of the moon, and once it was way beyond the range of any earthly broadcast, a sound began buzzing in the astronauts’ headphones, sending a wave of uncertainty and confusion. Upon realizing that the sound had a periodic nature, with signs of it possibly emitting from an intelligent source, astronauts could be heard discussing if they should inform the NASA Mission Control Centre about the sound or not.

Apollo 10 launch

Apollo 10 view of Earth rising behind the moon

One astronaut could be heard suggesting that the sound was an ‘annoying whistling sound’, even describing it by imitating ‘Whoooooo!’. One astronaut said that the sound they were hearing was some kind of ‘space-type music’, apparently trying to ease the other confused and perplexed astronauts down. To this suggestion, others replied that if it were music, it was certainly a strange kind of music.

The ‘alien’ music was not a split-second anomaly, it lasted almost an hour during the time the capsule was orbiting the far side of the moon. When astronauts reached back to Earth, and NASA heard the recording, it shelved the recording and transcripts as classified. However, in 2008 NASA was contractually bound to declassify the recording, effectively triggering a never-ending debate regarding the nature and source of the music. Recently, an upcoming season of Science Channel’s NASA’s Unexplained Files series has made NASA’s Apollo 10 recording center of an elaborate investigation.

CSM Charlie Brown

Lunar Module about to dock with the Command Module

Apollo 15’s astronaut Al Warden has said on the show that Apollo 10’s astronauts were very much acclimatized and used to the kind of sounds and anomalies usually heard in space and expounded that the fact that there was an hour long buzzing, howling and ringing in the headphones of seasoned astronauts, clearly suggests that there was something there, something that we may not understand or that has probably been overlooked completely. In the show, experts can be seen analyzing various dimensions of the sound anomaly in space.


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